My favorite stock prediction for Coronavirus!

Since now is a great time for value investors there is one stock in particular that left me speechless on why it dropped. This stock like a lot of others has been beaten senseless by this crash for what seems to be little to no reason. It has a great dividend history and earnings have been great. As of 16 February 2020 sales have been up 5%. What’s the ticker you say? STZ. STZ is beverage company called Constellation Brands who markets beer, wine, and spirits. They operate in the United States, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, and Italy. It sells a number of brands including Modelo, Robert Mondavi, Wild Horse, and many others. The biggest brand it markets is none other than Corona! There is no valid reason that I can find for the price being beaten as far as it has other than it has the same name as the virus. This stock was trading around $228 and is currently trading at roughly $124. As far as beaten market stocks go this one has seems to have dropped the farthest which in return has the potential for massive gains in the future. I only trade stocks with that have a good dividend history as well as a good quarterly dividend. A recent article by stated Americans won’t drink Corona because of Coronavirus which I find hilarious. It basically means people who won’t drink Corona still are not drinking Corona. An industry such as this during this time will still consistently have sales. There are certain industries I’m temporarily avoiding restaurant style and travel tickers due to the fact I don’t believe we’ve hit the bottom, yet. I’m a blue collar worker so I’m defiantly not one to throw a huge amount of money into this stock because I’m still in the growth stage of my portfolio, but I picked up 3 shares at $117. It’s extremely oversold as 17.7 on the RSI and -16.6 on the MACD scale. Whether it goes down or up at this point really doesn’t matter as a value investor. When the market returns as it most likely will, looking at a stock market history and its gains will be well worth it at this low price. Looking at any solid stock short term is the wrong way to view investing in the stock market. Picks like this will make the difference on portfolio gains 1-20 years in the future. Do not buy any ticker I recommend without doing the research for yourself. Before you buy any stock ask yourself this question. Will this company be around 20 years from now? I have a hard time believing Corona won’t be available in the future.

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