3 Stock Picks for the 5G Boom

Here’s a list of currently undervalued stock picks for the upcoming 5G boom. These stocks will be critical to the upcoming technology coming out in the near future. Luckily as of 28 March 2020 these stocks are currently undervalued due to the 2020 crash. Do not buy any stock I recommend and do the research yourself.

SWKS – Skyworks Solutions is tech company that has a large amount of products in vehicle manufacturing. Every new style vehicle will have 5G technology in it and it has a great chance of coming from skyworks. Share price is currently $87.08 and has a P/E of 18.06x. They pay a quarterly dividend of $.44 per share. I do not currently own any because I’m already diversified in the tech field.

APPL – Apple, Inc. Unless you’ve been living under a rock most people have heard of Apple. They sell a ton of technology including phones, computers, and everything else you could think of. Defiantly a blue chip type company and probably isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. As a huge tech company they will be selling a ton of 5G products. They currently are selling at $247 a share and have a P/E ratio of 19.57x. Dividend is quarterly at $.77 a share which is severely low for my liking. Share price is in the middle of the 52 week scale, but still a value buy and has a great chance to exceed its previous high.

QCOM – Qualcomm Inc. is a wireless tech company that manufactures products for network equipment, broadband gateway equipment, and consumer electronic devices. A big portion of what they manufacture is computer chips for the upcoming 5G devices. They have currently settled all quarrels with apple and signed a 6 year contract. A big player in the upcoming boom. Currently $66.59 a share and a P/E ratio of 18.99x which isn’t terrible. They pay a quarterly dividend of $.62 cents a share and is currently one of my long hold picks.

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