1 Gold Stock and Why You Should Invest in Gold!

Gold is one precious metal that has stood the test of time. Every currency since the beginning of its discovery has relied on gold for trade. When the dollar goes down or inflates gold goes up. No matter what happens to any currency gold is essentially the catch all. Since it’s discovery it has gone up in value steadily over time which makes it a great hedge against inflation. I would never fund 100% of my portfolio to gold, but the experts say you should have about 10% allocation. When the market is good gold prices are typically low, but when the market tanks people panic and buy gold like no other. You can usually count on gold prices going up when a bear market appears. Gold nearly tripled in value between 1998-2008 which is incredible. In times of geopolitical uncertainty it has gained the confidence of our planet. The older the commodity the safer the investment. Something like bitcoin might not be strong enough to provide a hedge in the future. Gold, silver, and land will be the cornerstone of our way of life moving forward. Demand for this product has also grown in time. Ticker GLD has become one of the largest ETFs and has become the worlds largest holder of gold bullion in 2008 only 4 years after its inception. I personally hold 80% stock, 10% bonds, and 10% gold in my portfolio. Please do the research yourself and do not buy any investments without doing the research yourself.

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