Still a great time to get in the stock market if you haven’t already!

It is still a great time to begin investing! We’re still in an incredible time to buy strong business for dirt cheap through the stock market. A ton of companies have the opportunity to 2X, 3X, or even 4X by the time the market recovers. Defiantly be looking for strong companies with a solid balance sheet, low debt (depending on sector), and obviously a good dividend. If you question if you should buy a stock or not take a look at the checklist I made to help you out.

The lesser the risk in these times is always the better long term by if you’re worried about a company going bankrupt. Do you really think companies like Coca-Cola or Home Depot won’t make it through this crisis? Check out dividend aristocrats/kings. This is a once in a 100 year opportunity where the clock has literally went back in time. In 5-10 years this will be nothing but a killer black Friday sale and personally, I think we’ll be back to normal by next year, but nobody can time the market. It might be a tough run if you’ve just lost half your portfolio but you only lose if you sell. If you only invest in great dividend stocks like myself stock price doesn’t matter. At these great deals you can buy more stocks for half the cost. Not only will your portfolio grow over time from dividend reinvesting, but the share prices will grow exponentially. Even if you are not into dividend investing you can swing trade these stocks later for a huge profit if you invest with a margin of safety. We are in the fearful times when the masses panic because they somehow think the world is over. Be greedy when people are fearful, be fearful when people are greedy. Now is the time to invest.

Do not buy any stock I recommend or talk about and do the research for yourself.

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