Buying REITs or Rental Properties? What is best for you?

Getting into real estate in any shape or form is a great way to build up solid passive income. Two great ways to get exposure into this sector are rental properties and REITs. For definitions of many terms I use in this article please check out A REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) is aContinue reading “Buying REITs or Rental Properties? What is best for you?”

Still a great time to get in the stock market if you haven’t already!

It is still a great time to begin investing! We’re still in an incredible time to buy strong business for dirt cheap through the stock market. A ton of companies have the opportunity to 2X, 3X, or even 4X by the time the market recovers. Defiantly be looking for strong companies with a solid balanceContinue reading “Still a great time to get in the stock market if you haven’t already!”

1 Gold Stock and Why You Should Invest in Gold!

Gold is one precious metal that has stood the test of time. Every currency since the beginning of its discovery has relied on gold for trade. When the dollar goes down or inflates gold goes up. No matter what happens to any currency gold is essentially the catch all. Since it’s discovery it has goneContinue reading “1 Gold Stock and Why You Should Invest in Gold!”

3 Stock Picks for the 5G Boom

Here’s a list of currently undervalued stock picks for the upcoming 5G boom. These stocks will be critical to the upcoming technology coming out in the near future. Luckily as of 28 March 2020 these stocks are currently undervalued due to the 2020 crash. Do not buy any stock I recommend and do the researchContinue reading “3 Stock Picks for the 5G Boom”

How many stocks should you own?

How many stocks an investor should own is completely dependent on his or her goals. 10-30 stocks is the range you should be in. Under 10 you have the risk of not being diversified enough (higher risk) and over 30 can make you too diversified which can also lead to long term profit loss. ForContinue reading “How many stocks should you own?”

5 day stock follow up with 5 stock picks and why I think we’ve bottomed out of this market crash

26 March 2020 We have seen in the last 4 days a huge opportunity for massive gains if you’re a swing trader or into value investing. All my recent stock picks I believed we’re at rock bottom have sky rocketed and will continue to do so in the course of market recovery. In the pastContinue reading “5 day stock follow up with 5 stock picks and why I think we’ve bottomed out of this market crash”

Great ETF picks for the long term investor

ETF’s are fantastic for the long term investor. The great thing about them is you don’t need to buy a ton of companies to be fully diversified. Most great ETF’s have a nice line that steadily rises over a long period of time. My portfolio consists of about 50% ETF’s and 50% single stocks. OneContinue reading “Great ETF picks for the long term investor”

Best stock picks for the 2020 crash

Every stock listed below in my opinion has good financials, dividend history, and huge potential to shoot back once the market recovers. Remember this market is a great time to find great stock at a very low price, but please do your own research! Never take any ones word for anything. These prices are currentContinue reading “Best stock picks for the 2020 crash”

Before you buy dividend stocks use this checklist!

How do I pick the right dividend stock? A few indicators I use can help. ETF’s are safer, single stocks provide a little more risk. First things first, find stocks in different sectors and industries to create a diverse portfolio. Picking stocks in the same field have a higher risk of destroying your portfolio. Don’tContinue reading “Before you buy dividend stocks use this checklist!”